MineCraft Consulting Services

The services we provide extend across all phases of mining projects: from investment to operations, including scoping, feasibility, construction management and operational support.


Typical key services we provide include, but are not limited to, the following. See our full capability here

Project Investment

With an extensive knowledge of Australian coal deposits, opportunities, regulations and procedures, we connect you to the right project for your investment.

Scoping and Identification

Analysing the mining potential of a resource is the first step in project evaluation. We have undertaken many desktop, scoping, identification studies and reviews, and clearly understand the most important aspects, risks and opportunities that are to be addressed at an early stage of assessment.

Project Evaluation and Costing

With an internal database of actual and derived mine costs, coupled with extensive operational experience, detailed resource, financial and mine economic evaluations are undertaken.

Mine Access

Based on our experience with the variety of access situations facing the numerous mines and projects we have been involved with, we can provide expert advice on method option analysis, cost estimation and specifications for mine portals, drifts, tunnels and shafts.

Mine Design

Practical mine design is a unique skill based on strict principles and knowledge learnt by experience. With over 30 years of mine design, our team offers practical and efficient design solutions. Mine Safety Systems We provide safety performance reviews and management systems for new and existing mines.

Mine Ventilation & Gas Management

We offer ventilation analysis and gas management techniques and solutions for new and existing mines. JORC Resource & Reserves We provide Competent Person status for the compilation or review of JORC statements.

Mine Feasibility Studies

Mine Feasibility Studies are the bridging step between scoping and project approval and are of fundamental importance in identifying the risks, opportunities and solutions facing a proposed project. We understand the specific content, level of detail, and the numerous specific individual studies and work scopes that are required to complete a satisfactory feasibility study.

Mine Approval Process

The Australian mining approval process can be complex. We have assisted many clients negotiate through this process.

Mine Productivity Reviews

We have developed considerable expertise in mine productivity assessment, review and benchmarking which is used for proposed and existing operations.

Complex Problem Solving

We are often called upon for our technical solutions and complex problem solving skills.

Mine Equipment and Mine Services

Based on extensive experience in specifying, tendering, installing and operating mine equipment, our team are experts in this field and provide specifications and cost estimates for feasibility studies, tenders for new equipment, and problem solving solutions for existing operations.